Hard to Say Goodbye...

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The Board of The Grey Muzzle Organization would like to send a big "thank you" to Renee Boothroyd who has recently retired from the Board. Renee has been an integral part of Grey Muzzle for years, serving as a Board Member and Vice President. 

Here is a note from our Founder and Board Member, Julie Dudley

"Renee has had a huge impact on the direction, and level of professionalism, that we've achieved with Grey Muzzle. Her work was fundamental is setting our direction for grants and the rigorous process we use to balance our grantmaking and make it as fair and impactful as possible - a process that has served us well in impressing large donors who are willing to give to us because of the rigor of the methods we follow. We are very fortunate that she took time out from her demanding work as a Director at UNC to serve with us for four full years (or more, I may have lost track!). Thank you so much, Renee!"

Words from Renee:

"I am humbled and honored by my service to The Grey Muzzle Organization and our mission to help others to help senior dogs.  Our relationship began in 2009 - guided by the soul of Pele, my best boy and forever dog, whom I lost in 2004 at the age of 13.  Since then - inspired by my own senior dogs, Emmet Otter and now Hogarth, and lifted up by the outstanding and transforming work of so many of you - we have done amazing things in service to senior dog animal welfare.  My passion and commitment to The Grey Muzzle Organization's mission and the work of such amazing partner organizations remain a strong and integral part of me. Thank you for being a "home" for this passion!"

 Good luck and we will miss having you on the Board, Renee!