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In-Kind Donations

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Grey Muzzle is always in need of goods/services to help us achieve our mission, while also relieving our expenses. Common goods and services needed are everyday office supplies, printing, advertisements, legal expertise, software, graphic design and photography and much more.

If you work at a company that has an interest in donating valuable time, products or services to help us save more senior dogs in need, please e-mail [email protected].

Note: The Grey Muzzle Organization is not a rescue group; we provide funding to non-profit shelters, rescue groups and sanctuaries for senior dog programs. We do not have a shelter or a foster care network and therefore have no dogs directly in our care.

For donations of products, we suggest that you look to a local shelter or pet rescue organization to donate to. If you are not sure what organizations exist close to you, visit, click on Animal Shelters and enter your city or zip code.

Also check the list of organizations we support: