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Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

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The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri serves the public health by providing quality humane care, adoption, and education for the good of companion animals and humans in our regional service area.


Funded in 2017
How we help: 

With a grant from Grey Muzzle, Humane Society of Southeast Missouri will create the Medical Fund for Senior Dogs, a new program that will increase community awareness of senior dogs and encourage their adoption by providing the adopting family with a financial credit at their vet of choice. It is not unusual for a senior dog to be considered for adoption, but medical expenses are often a serious deterrent to families that cannot afford to care for their special needs. This method of providing assistance to senior dog families helps ensure the funds are used for dogs that are successfully adopted. Adoptive families will have 60 days to use their vet credit or the credit will be applied back to the balance of the fund for other senior adoptions.

The Medical Fund for Seniors will improve the Humane Society's ability to both improve the health of senior dogs and to find permanent homes. This program will also include marketing to educate people about the joy and value of adopting senior dogs. This will have a positive impact on HSSM's efforts to reduce euthanasia and improve adoption rates. We firmly believe we can find more good homes for senior dogs by assisting with medical care.

Dog's name: 
Picture of a small brown and black dog with his ears standing up.