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Thank you for spreading the word about Grey Muzzle. Here are some ideas for your social media pages, site or blog - and even in real life!

Have a Charity Gift Exchange

Go beyond the gift card for special celebrations - ask your friends, family and co-workers to exchange "charity gifts." You give in their name, they give in yours. The gift will not only be for you, but for all the senior dogs we help nationwide. Dedicate a giftThis link leads to a third party inaccessible page. Please contact us for assistance.

Download a Flyer

If you have ink in your printer and a couple of push pins, here's another easy way to help The Grey Muzzle Organization at no cost - save for a few minutes of your time.

Simply click the image below, print off a few copies and post them around your community to help raise awareness of the issues faced by senior dogs and how we can make a difference.

Grey Muzzle flyer for download (pdf) and printing

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Use These Tags

#LoveOldDogs @GreyMuzzleOrg

Copy, Paste and Tweet

Bonus! Share a photo of your dog "holding" a sign of support.

  • I am helping save homeless senior dogs. Will you join me? #LoveOldDogs
  • You can help a homeless senior dog live out her days in love, security, peace. @GreyMuzzleOrg #LoveOldDogs
  • Senior dogs need your help. @GreyMuzzleOrg #LoveOldDogs

Copy, Paste and Update Your Facebook Status

Bonus! Share a photo of your dog "holding" a sign of support.

  • Give homeless senior dogs warmth and safety. #LoveOldDogs
  • I am saving homeless senior dogs. WIll you join me? #LoveOldDogs
  • You can give homeless senior dogs the chance to live out their golden years, months, or weeks in a place of love, security and peace. #LoveOldDogs


  • Share a photo of your dog "holding" a sign of support and tag @GreyMuzzleOrg.


A shareable image that reads \"Help save homeless senior dogs - Give now - - #LoveOldDogs

Help save homeless senior dogs image above.
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Right click the image and choose "Save Image As"

Link to our Donate page: