Always In My Heart

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This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart campaign donors. During the year, our supporters celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special "in memory of" donation to the Always In My Heart campaign.  A gift of $30 or more supports senior dogs nationwide who have become homeless when they are most in need.

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Always in My Heart Donors

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Vicki and Karen

" Better than all of the gold in the world, better than diamonds, better than pearls, better than any material thing is the love of a dog and the joy that it brings."
~ Laura Jaworski


Michele Dake

Our dear, Toro, passed away on April 23, 2019 at age 11 years and 4 months. He valiantly fought Cushings Disease for 4 long years. He was a foody, intrepid explorer, security professional, pro-napper, Barkbox connoisseur and snuggler extraordinaire. He was mommy's little boy and daddy's boon companion. He will be missed terribly and awaits at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Dagger Dogs

On behalf of Denis Dagger

In honor of all The Dagger Dogs and their fearless pack leader and daddy Denis. To be a Dagger means that you always follow the Code of the West and these Daggers are no different. Fiercely loyal, always loving and courageous. Each one is special and “unique” in their own Dagger way. It is couldn’t be more appropriate to help the often forgotten dogs in their name.



My best friend, my soul buddy. From a pup to an old soul, the memories are precious. Til we meet again, my friend.


Precious’ Mom

My beautiful Aussie/Border Collie came to live with us when she was only six weeks old. We tried to name her something clever but we just kept saying ‘she’s so precious ‘ and thus she was named. She was 14 when we had to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge. Such an incredibly hard thing to do, but loving her, we knew it was time. 2000-2014


Seth and Pia


Rest In Peace Enders. Thank you for 13 years of the most unconditional love, loyalty, happiness and companionship. We miss you terribly and always will. We will always love you. You will always be a part of me.

Mom and Dad


Leo Lashock

We started this adventure together.

As hard as it was, I had to stay behind and let you go on ahead, without me.
But I know we will meet again someday, and start a new adventure. Together again.

Your winter flame may have flickered, but it's still burning bright in my heart.

I love you Shila.

Sweet Sam

Barbara Smolinski

Sam was a rescue dog and when we adopted him we were told he was 7 but no one really knew. Sam had many operations to fix his hips which ws thousands of $$$ but he was worth every penny. He died on 3/19/18 at the age of 13(?) Then this year in March also our sweet cat Diva joined him in Heaven to wait for us to join them and be a family again!


Cassie K.

They say dogs are a lot like their owners. Benny was...
Unwilling to give up

He never made it easy for us...
Even at the end...

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️


Charlie's Friends

Charlie was a wonderful boy who was immensely loved by his mommy and daddy. He will always be in their hearts. All of his human friends miss him and will remember his sweet little face.

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