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Pampered Pets USA Bakes Up Wholesome Good for Senior Dogs

Pampered Pets Collection
Who wants a treat? Not me – said no one ever. Grey Muzzle's answer was a resounding WE DO when presented the opportunity to bake up good for at-risk senior dogs with Pampered Pets USA , a renowned leader in the pet treat industry. Supporters that share in our vision and mission are a critical element in our recipe for leading change on a national stage for at-risk senior dogs. Starting Pampered Pets USA from scratch, founder Nancy Volin knows a thing or two about partnering for success, which is why we are thrilled that Pampered Pets USA is a Rock Star sponsor of Senior Dogs Rock! We asked her to share a few thoughts on what it means to be serving up good with Grey Muzzle.

DogGoods is Doing Good for Senior Pups in Need

Grey Muzzle is excited to team up with DogGoods Do Good and founder Kyle as a Rock Star sponsor for our second annual national online auction -- Senior Dogs Rock! Dogs and the welfare of our furry friends are the foundation upon which DogGoods was built, and DogGoods' enthusiastic support touched us. We love knowing the stories behind why supporters join us to ensure senior dogs take center stage and are celebrated as the stars they are. Kyle gives us a glimpse into why DogGoods chose to do even more good for older dogs in need.

Three Easy Gentle Techniques for Livening Up Your Old Friend

Paw In Hand
There are many gentle therapies we can provide to senior dogs to make them more comfortable, strengthen weak limbs, and help guide the process of aging instead of reacting to it. A well-intentioned touch goes a long way towards creating comfort and vitality. With a bit of navigation, you can use these simple acupressure and neuro-lymphatic techniques to enrich your old dogs’ lives and your own as you gently create harmony in their aging bodies.

Keeping Senior Dogs in Shape: How to Help Your Dog Live a Longer, Healthier Life

Wolfgang Before and After
PEOPLE magazine took notice of senior beagle Wolfgang's journey from obesity to 5K ready, and so did we! Phoenix couple Erin McManis and Chad Schatz are passionate about helping dogs live their best, healthiest lives. In this blog, Erin shares the remarkable story of how they helped Wolfgang, and other dogs in need of major weight loss, reach their goals and become happier, healthier companions.

A Mother’s Legacy of Love

Waters Foundation
From a three-legged Doberman to a visually-impaired pug, Jody Waters always opened her heart and home to the underdog—those who were neglected, abused or simply unwanted. She dreamed of someday buying property and opening a sanctuary for dogs who needed a safe place to call home.

Getting to Know Your Senior Dog from Head-to-Tail

Head-to-Tail, Snout-to-Tail, Wag-to-Woof, or by any other name, performing an at-home exam of your dog or cat weekly to catch problems early on is a MUST! Our dogs don't always tell us when something is wrong, so detecting a problem at onset and getting medical intervention may ensure your best friend gets to spend more days by your side! Doing home exams also gets your senior pooch comfortable with the human touch, making for a much better patient at the vet and grooming shop when you get him used to being touched all over.

Pet Insurance 101: The Best Plans for You

Frenchie Exam Table
If you have a dog who frequents the vet, it’s likely the office visit fees have burned a hole in your wallet. While caring for your dog is extremely important, oftentimes we’re left wondering if it’s possible for these vet visits to be any cheaper. Not taking your dog to the vet isn’t an option most of the time, so what else can be done to help curb these expenses? One way to reduce the costs of vet visits is to invest in a pet insurance plan. While insuring your dog may sound a little crazy, it pretty much works the same way as any other insurance. Navigating any type of insurance plan isn’t...

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs Part 2

Brown Chihuahua under blanket
In part two of this blog series, we’ll provide a follow up to the overview of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), including prognosis, treatment and management of and management tips. For more information on symptoms and diagnosis, read Part 1 of our CCD blog series. This information was provided by Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice as part of their educational pet disease series and has been republished with permission. As a reminder, Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is a medical condition that is characterized by the changes associated with the aging process of the brain that result in a...

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