Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

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Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary’s (FLPS) mission is to help overlooked senior dogs in Arizona find their forever homes. FLPS has been rescuing and adopting out senior dogs since 2012. Sadly, many of the dogs that come to us are from owners who have passed or can no longer care for them. As a result, these dogs are often in need of medical care. Forever Loved provides every senior dog with the care they need to ensure the best possible quality of life and works to match each one with a loving adopter.

Funded in 2021
How we help: 

Thanks to Grey Muzzle, Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary will rescue an additional six senior dogs who are at highest-risk of euthanasia. Grey Muzzle’s grant helps dogs like Buddy who’se owner could no longer give Buddy the care he needed. FLPS ensured Buddy received a full blood panel and much-needed dental care. Now pain-free, he is ready for his forever home. 

scruffy grey dog