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Zeke and Matthew
How we helped: 
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes

Asheville Humane Society (AHS) met Matthew at a community fair. Matthew, a disabled veteran, brought his ten-year-old boxer Zeke to the fair for services. He had previously reached out to AHS for veterinary assistance.

Zeke has degenerative myelopathy--an incurable progressive disease of the canine spinal cord. Recently, Zeke's condition had worsened, making life more challenging for him and Matthew. Zeke is Matthew’s best buddy, his family, so he was desperate to help him. AHS set Zeke up with a vet appointment and reached out to several animal welfare groups in search of a set of wheels.

Matthew was beyond happy when AHS delivered the wheel chair and made sure Zeke was fitted properly. He was all smiles with tears of joy as Zeke walked around the front yard again, chasing a ball. Matthew was already planning to revisit a park that he and Zeke took their daily walks to before his disease made it impossible.

Thanks to your ongoing support, Zeke and Matthew can continue to play in the park and enjoy life together!