Susie Q

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Susie Q
How we helped: 
Dental Expense Grant

What little we know of Susie Q's past is that she was surrendered during a C.R.I.S.P. (Chicago Rescue Intervention and Support Program) shift while volunteers from our grantee Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR) were there. C.R.I.S.P. is a collaboration of local rescues in the Greater Chicago area who partner with Animal Care & Control to divert dogs from the shelter by offering resources to families or directly taking dogs into their programs.

Susie Q was surrendered because her owner could no longer care for her. This 14-year-old had quite a few serious and painful medical issues, including an extensive leg injury that had been allowed to fester and severe dental disease.

Sadly, Susie Q’s leg needed to be urgently amputated as the damage from her wound was too substantial for anything else. The veterinarian wanted to address her mouth at the same time as the amputation but the infections were too great and her body so thin that the vet wouldn’t chance it.

Susie was very quiet during her first weeks with her foster family. She claimed her bed and watched the other dogs come and go with their routines. She immediately became buddies with Rosie, who is both blind and deaf. Wherever Rosie slept, Susie was right next to her. Once she recovered enough, Susie had dental work done with 15 infected teeth removed, thanks to a Grey Muzzle grant.

She’s been unstoppable since. She howls for her breakfast. Howls for treats. She loves everyone she meets and is the most affectionate dog her foster mom has ever known. People meet her and immediately comment on the missing leg but her foster mom isn't sure Susie is missing that leg. She’s an acrobat--so full of life and love.

Susie Q is now living her best life. Her foster family couldn’t imagine their lives without this lively dog and have decided to make her part of their forever family.