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The Pekingese Pack

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How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

The July 4th holiday always sends a rush of animals to area shelters. But, for the Austin Humane Society (AHS), last summer, it was July 3rd that brought more than a dozen senior Pekingese mixes through their doors.

The Pekingese Pack, as they were affectionately called, lost their home when their elderly owner passed away. All 14 dogs (yes 14!) were immediately surrendered to the city and soon after arrived at the Austin Humane Society. While all were scared and confused by the sudden and unexpected move, they settled in to the emergency shelter, and the AHS staff quickly found each one sweeter and more loving than the next. Almost all of the dogs were well into their senior years and the veterinary team determined that of the 14, eight were in desperate need of costly medical care. The problems ranged from potential heart and back trouble to eye and severe dental issues.

One of these pups was Kevin. This sweet ten-year-old had scaring in both of his eyes making it difficult to see. In addition, he had matted hair stuck in his front teeth and such severe dental disease that he needed immediate medical attention before it caused more health problems. After spending a few weeks in a foster home receiving the care he desperately needed, he was ready for adoption. His time at the Austin Humane Society didn’t last long, and now Kevin loves life with his new mom, Jessica. 

Sweet 12-year-old Stella spent months with a loving foster mom. She received extensive dental care, saw a specialist to investigate a heart murmur and began treatment for an eye condition common in her breed. The weeks of love, care and medicine worked wonders and Stella was finally ready to find her new home. That’s when Isabel walked into our adoption lobby looking for her very first dog. One look at Stella and Isabel fell in love. She quickly adopted her and the two are now living their happily ever after.

Due to the generous grant from The Grey Muzzle Organization, a grant made possible by our supporters, Stella, Kevin and their 12 brothers and sisters were able to receive the care that they needed to have a second chance at a happy life. 

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