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Yorkie Oliver
How we helped: 
Dental Expense Grant

Eight-year-old Oliver came to The Animal Foundation (TAF) in Las Vegas from Death Valley — some 150 miles away! A Good Samaritan found him wandering the desert landscape on a cold February day, lost, unkempt and confused. His golden Yorkshire Terrier fur was matted and his nails were unbearably long. No one is sure how he made his way to Death Valley, but thankfully he was discovered and brought to TAF so they could fix him up and find him a loving home.

Oliver received a thorough vet exam to evaluate his condition and to plan a course of action. It was determined that Oliver was suffering from severe dental disease, had a dry left eye, and desperately needed a bath and trim. Just a few days after his arrival, Oliver received an oral exam that included routine scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment. In addition, eight of his teeth were extracted. Although no dog probably likes going to the dentist, it was clear Oliver felt better after having those painful teeth removed.

The next day, he was scheduled to visit the groomer for some final sprucing. However, his gold locks must have been so charming that, matted or not, he could still command the attention of adopters. A day after his dental surgery, and before he could see TAF’s groomer, Oliver was adopted and taken home by his wonderful new mom.

Thank you for helping Oliver and so many dogs receive much-needed dental care, which not only relieves them of suffering from dental disease, but also increases their chances of adoption!