Little Guy

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Little Guy
How we helped: 
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes

Thanks to Seattle Humane’s Pet Project, which provides services to pets belonging to low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS or cancer and is funded in part by a Grey Muzzle grant, Little Guy was able to get the dental care he desperately needed to feel better.

About the eight-year-old Chiweenie mix, his dad David says, “Little Guy is the focal point of my family. I rescued him from California seven years ago and he’s always been a bit of a character.”

It was becoming obvious to David that Little Guy was in discomfort. However, due to his limited resources, Little Guy’s heart condition and fear of grooming-type devices, David was not able to readily provide Little Guy with the dental care he needed.

Thankfully, Seattle Humane’s Pet Project was able to give Little Guy expert dental care. David said, “The change has been pretty apparent. He acts like a weight has been lifted since getting a clean, healthy new mouth. A big weight has surely been lifted from me.”