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Black cocker spaniel
How we helped: 
Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program Grant

Kingsley, a 13-year-old cocker spaniel, was surrendered to the Humane Society of Greater Rochester (aka Lollypop Farm) from a family who owned him for two years. The other pets in the household did not care for Kingsley, and this became increasingly stressful for the family and all the pets.

Kingsley is a loving boy, who is visually impaired. But, this did not stop him from playing with his stuffed animals or fetching a ball! And, although he was 13-years-old, he was not ready to retire and had a lot of energy and zest for life. After being in the shelter for nearly two months, he would soon meet his new, loving mom Irene.

Irene, who is retired, is pretty energetic herself, and she rescues elderly dogs who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses and are facing the end of their lives. It was no surprise that when she met Kingsley, her heart melted.

Now, Kingsley lives with five other furry family members and helps his mom take care of his siblings, making sure they are comfortable and loved. The two have an important job to do and this is a perfect example of how powerful the human-animal bond can be. Irene even purchased a ball with a beeper inside, so that Kingsley can enjoy chasing his ball (even with the challenges to his vision!)

Lollypop Farm’s Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program, supported by a Grey Muzzle grant, matches senior dogs like Kingsley with senior people like Irene and waives the adoption fee. This program allows both people and dogs the chance to receive the love and companionship they both need.