Senior Spotlight

We envision a world where every senior dog thrives, and no old dog dies alone and afraid. Ensuring senior dogs find loving, forever homes is central to that vision. There are many benefits and reasons to adopt a senior dog, and we hope to show the world what incredible companions they are.

Here are some adoptable senior dogs located across the country. Please check in with each organization to learn more about how to adopt a shelter or rescue dog.



Beautiful and intelligent, Hannah just wants a family of her own. A mature lady with simple needs and few demands, Hannah is happy to be with you. Anything you do is fine with her. Content to sit at your feet, or lay by your side, Hannah is grateful for everything she has. Hannah wants to be a...



Liam is a 10-year-old, 35 lb, Cocker Spaniel. This dapper boy is the sweetest senior dog you can imagine. He’s definitely a velcro-dog and just wants to be by your side 24/7. Liam would be best in a home that has carpet, lots of runners or rugs to help him keep traction. His hips aren’t like...



“Dogs, for a reason that can only be described as divine, have the ability to forgive, let go of the past, and live each day joyously.”

JR, a 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, has spent his life without attention or affection, yet after only a short time at Little Shelter (in NY), he...



Brooks is a sweet senior who has come such a long way at RBARI - and is ready to find his forever family. This gentle old guy was terrified when we met him at a local animal control facility but quickly came out of his shell. He is a quiet, mellow boy who loves attention and belly rubs and gets...


Vianey Arana

My name is Vianey Arana, like your favorite NBC Bay Area News weekend anchor! Don't let her age fool you, Vianey is packed with energy. She's a naturally playful, curious, and trusting canine. She loves treats and is a great learner; give her something to do and best believe she'll do it! After...


Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is eager to reminisce about the good old days and wants nothing more than to be your loving companion. Just look into her eyes! You'll see a wise soul with gratitude for a soft bed and full tummy. Ellie Mae gets along with other dogs, enjoys a good nap, and happily wags her tail when...



Meet Tritten, a ten-year-old Pekingese boy who is a very chill and laid back gent. In addition to taking the best photos, this sweet little guy is well-mannered, an expert napper, and great at sploots. Since he cannot jump up, we are searching for a single-family home without stairs or a pool....


Baba O'Riley

Baba O'Riley is the sweetest boy who absolutely craves affection. He's a good-natured senior who's looking to live the cozy retirement lifestyle and finally get to be a member of a family who cares for him and loves him. This boy really enjoys meeting new people, and he can't wait to meet you!...



Hey there, I am Missy and I am currently in a foster home! My favorite hobbies include couch snuggles and getting in some serious snoozes. I abso-woof-ly love hanging out with my hoomans and would love to partake in any and all adventures.

I am about 9-years-old and I am looking for...



Bodie is fun, silly, energetic, playful and most of all loves to sit in the sun! He is an all-around great dog. Sadly, Bodie is still waiting for his turn to go home at Little Shelter Animal Rescue & Adoption Center in NY.

Why do you ask? Bodie, like many other shelter dogs, did not...

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