Summer Smile Delivers New Smiles & Brighter Tomorrows for Senior Dogs

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Do grey muzzle smiles like Lil' Kim's instantly brighten your day? If so, please give the gift of a new smile to an older dog. When giving, don't miss your chance to enter your favorite senior "saying cheese" in Grey Muzzle's 2022 Calendar Contest.

Did you know a new healthy smile has the power to help at-risk senior dogs find—or stay in–a loving home? It's true, and that's why we just launched our sixth annual Summer Smile campaign to raise $22,500 to support and grow our Grey Muzzle dental fund. We can’t do it without you! By participating in Summer Smile, you will ensure that senior dogs get the dental care they need and deserve whether they have a gapped-tooth grin or a classic snaggle-tooth smirk.

Need even more to smile about? Your life-changing Summer Smile gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, thanks to the generosity of the Cook Family, the Piskorski Family, and Pawsomely Healthy. That means your gift has twice the smile power—turning $22,500 into $45,000—to help senior dogs in desperate need of dental care, dogs just like Lil' Kim.

Lil' Kim arrived as a stray at the Maui Humane Society in Hawaii with a mouthful of missing, broken, and loose teeth. Ouch! Luckily, her tarnished smile didn't deter the Maui Humane Society team from saving this precious pup. Thanks to you, a Grey Muzzle dental grant made it possible for Lil' Kim to get the dental care she had gone without for so long.

Dental surgery may have removed her last eight teeth, but after some much deserved rest and relaxation and oodles of TLC in her foster home, Lil’ Kim has the best reason to smile. She got adopted! Now known as Kimmy, she is a beloved and treasured member of the family. Talk about a bright future full of endless things to smile about!

P.S. In Hawaii, seniors are called "kapuna." As Kimmy is a kapuna, and her adopter is a kapuna, we think they are a kapuna match made in heaven!

Can senior dogs count on you to put a smile on their face?

Many pass by senior dogs—but not you. You know the value in their years and the power of new beginnings. Won't you help at-risk old dogs find—or stay in—a loving home by giving the gift of a new healthy smile? Donate to our Summer Smile campaign and take a moment to enter your favorite grey muzzle buddy in our 2022 Calendar Contest.

Simply choose a gift box on the GivingGrid and upload your photo. At the end of the campaign, our Advisory Board members will select their favorite images to be featured in our 2022 Grey Muzzle calendar. A collage of the entire GivingGrid—including all of the pictures submitted—will be featured for December!

Because of you, Grey Muzzle grants are helping hundreds of at-risk senior dogs all around the country, just like Lil' Kim, receive the dental care they desperately need to have brighter tomorrows!

So please make a gift in support of new smiles for older dogs. They’ll happily show you their endless thanks with smile after smile!