Operation Grey Muzzle Takes Flight, Bringing Senior “Satos” to New Homes

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More than 200 dogs, including many seniors, will take off from Puerto Rico on their way to new lives on the mainland United States on August 23. The Grey Muzzle Organization is proud to be among several animal welfare groups who are partnering with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to give these deserving older dogs a second chance.

For more than a decade, “satos”—the Spanish name for Puerto Rican street dogs—have been transported to shelters in the Northeast, where healthy young dogs are in high-demand. This time, the focus will be on older dogs who have been long-term residents of the Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asís. This rescue mission will free up space for desperately needed renovations, while bringing many special senior dogs into the open arms of adopters.

In a tip of the hat to our organization, the flights have been dubbed “Operation Grey Muzzle” due to the large number of older dogs onboard. The planes will land in Florida and North Carolina, where they will be met by coalition members including the Humane Society of Charlotte. The group is looking forward to receiving several dogs and will use its recently received Grey Muzzle grant to provide senior satos with veterinary care.

“We’re delighted that HSUS, the nation’s largest animal protection organization, joins us in recognizing that senior dogs are just as adoptable and deserving of good homes as younger pups,” said Lisa Lunghofer, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Grey Muzzle Organization. “Thanks to HSUS, the Humane Society of Charlotte and all of the Operation Grey Muzzle partners for giving these old dogs the chance to enjoy their golden years as cherished family members.”

To learn more about Operation Grey Muzzle and ongoing efforts to improve the lives of dogs in Puerto Rico, read HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle’s blog.









Stacey (right) and Abraham (left) will soon be welcomed by the Humane Society of Charlotte, where they will benefit from a Grey Muzzle grant.