Love is ageless, just ask these 3rd graders!

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If you grew up with a furry best friend, then you know there's nothing quite like the bond between a boy (or girl) and his dog.

Meet some especially caring kids who not only love their own dogs, but also have a special place in their hearts for homeless old dogs. For the third year in a row, these compassionate kids raised money to make life sweeter for at-risk senior dogs helped through Grey Muzzle grants.

The third graders in Ms. Swanson's class at Discovery Elementary School put their love into action by donating $695 to help old dogs they've never even met. Now, that's a lesson in love worth sharing this Valentine's Day!

Please join this new generation of senior dog-lovers by making a gift in honor of a special old dog in your life. Today we're launching a three-day "Discovery Challenge" to match the children's donation and raise an additional $6,950 to fund a brand new grant inspired by the love of senior dogs we all share.

Why did these children decide to donate to The Grey Muzzle Organization? One of the boys, Mason, said, "I feel like I helped old dogs everywhere a little bit. Dogs are special and we shouldn't ever let them go."

Many thanks to Ms. Swanson and Discovery Elementary School for inviting us and for instilling the importance of giving back in your students.

Whether you're eight or 80--in people or dog years--you can make the world better for senior dogs in need. Now's the time for us to give back and prove that love is truly ageless. Please help us fund the first-ever "Discovery" grant and show some amazing kids what we can do together.