Humane Society for Hamilton County

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The Humane Society for Hamilton County (HSHC) is Indiana’s only open admission, truly no-kill shelter. With 3,100 intakes each year and a 98% placement rate, HSHC is a haven for not only animals found in Hamilton County, but also pets at-risk for euthanasia from all over the state. HSHC serves the community through a number of different programs, including Pets Healing Vets, outreach to local school, scout groups and other organizations, and the Survivor Program.

Funded from 2018 to 2019 and 2021
How we help: 

The Grey Muzzle grant will be used to rescue senior dogs at risk for euthanasia in overburdened shelters, providing them, as needed, with special diets, medications, and emergency vet visits. Funding will enable HSHC to continue to build on the success of 2020, which saw a staggering 65% increase in the number of senior dogs rescued. At-risk dogs like 10-year-old Talo will get their second chance at a loving home with Grey Muzzle’s help.

pit bull dog smiling