Always In My Heart

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This page is dedicated to the Grey Muzzle Always In My Heart campaign donors. During the year, our supporters celebrate the pets they have cherished by making a special "in memory of" donation to the Always In My Heart campaign.  A gift of $30 or more supports senior dogs nationwide who have become homeless when they are most in need.

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Always in My Heart Donors

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Vicki and Karen | Kathi and Mark

Small but mighty, Sophie spread love everywhere she went. Adored by her humans, Mark, Jennifer, Alex and Brett and even more so by her constant companion Hershey, she leaves behind hours of memories, where she will be kept alive in many hearts.

Sophie - you will be missed...until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.


Nikki King

Loyal, loving and strong my brave boy will always be in my heart. I lost you Jan 28, 2020.


Roger, Malissa and Faith

We got our precious Otis (a 11 year old Pit Bull) from a high kill shelter in California. There was not much chance for him due to his age and being super skinny, frail and thin. But with one look, we knew we needed to get him, care for him and love him and be part of our family. He was an amazing dog that just wanted to be loved and to love. At our first vet visit we knew our time was short with him. He had a large mass in his liver. At that point we knew we needed to make him comfortable and just give him lots and lots of love. We got 3 great weeks with him. He touched our hearts and lives forever. We miss him greatly. He will always be our Pitty Pot Pie. We Love You Otis!!!!

Fiona Gibson

The Gibson Family

Everyone is taught that angels have wings, but the lucky ones of us find they have 4 paws.


Margery & Sokie

To Willow: your adventurous spirit, loyalty to those you loved, and insatiable desire for scrounging snacks in the trash brought so much joy to everyone you knew. I will forever cherish the memories we made together. Thank you for showing Sokie the ropes.


Jerry Lambert

For our Skittles, we love you and miss you with all our hearts.

Gromit Sitchon

The Stichon Family

"May memories of love, and friendship maintain and comfort you in the loss of your beloved dog"

Camden Herron

The Herron Family

"You were as devoted to your dog as he was to you. That’s remarkable!"

Dakota Blum

The Blum Family

Gone but not forgotten

Tony Adkins

Adkins Family

In loving Memory

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