Arizona Humane Society

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For more than 60 years, the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) has been committed to improving the lives of animals in their community. They safeguard, rescue, shelter, heal, adopt and advocate for animals in need, while inspiring community action and compassion on their behalf. Just five years ago, Maricopa County was home to the second worst pet overpopulation crisis in the US. AHS led a coalition of partner organizations to solve the crisis, providing resources to keep pets in homes while launching lifesaving and educational programs. The result: AHS’ intake of homeless animals dropped by 57 percent and euthanasia rates have declined by 84 percent - 20,000 lives saved each year! What began as a mission to save more pets ended up transforming an entire community.

Funded in 2018
How we help: 

With a grant from Grey Muzzle, AHS is expanding its senior pet “hospice” fund that assists low-income families who bring their senior pets to AHS for euthanasia simply because they cannot afford to pay for veterinary treatment. To date, this fund has helped 11 qualifying families afford diagnostic treatment like blood testing, medication, surgery and general care, and with with support from Grey Muzzle the program will be able to support 54 senior dogs in the coming year, helping to provide affordable treatment that prolongs lives and keeps these dogs in homes with families who love them.

Tan boxer looking straight into camera. Grey around mouth and on cheeks.