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Brown and black dog on back
How we helped: 
Keeping Senior Pets in Homes

Wilbur’s mom was referred to the Animal Care Assistance Program (ACAP) in Virginia by an area animal shelter. Twelve-year-old Wilbur was crying, acting as if he was in pain and drinking lots of water. Eventually, his breathing became labored. That’s when ACAP got Wilbur into an emergency veterinary clinic.

ACAP provides low-income pet owners the opportunity to get their dogs and cats much needed veterinary care, which they would not otherwise be able to afford. Their Grey Muzzle grant will help dogs just like Wilbur, get the care they desperately need and stay with the people who love them.

It was discovered that Wilbur was newly diabetic and had a blood sugar of over 500! After urgent care, insulin therapy and a couple of follow up visits, Wilbur is feeling like a puppy again--happy and healthy in his loving home.