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After just a few weeks in his foster home
We Remember
How we helped: 
Medical expense grant for adoptable dogs

July 2009

He didn't even have a name when we got the picture, but this old guy is the first recipient of Grey Muzzle's grant to Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay (DRTB). We'll keep you updated!

August 2009

This 11+ year-old, flea-ravaged boy came in as a stray. His first stop after DRTB took charge was their vet’s office, where he was treated for severe skin, eye, ear and arthritis problems—and fleas. This Dalmatian has since been renamed Pumper and is doing well with Pam and Ron, his foster people, and their two other old adopted Dals. Ron can’t stop exclaiming what a sweet dog Pumper is.

October 2009

We were very sad to hear Pumper only had a short time in his wonderful foster home. From DRTB: "Sadly, right after your newsletter came out, sweet old Pumper was put to rest. His back legs completely gave out on him.  [Surgery] couldn't be done at his age. Pam lifted him around for several days until the quality of his life was no longer any good. Even though we only had him a month, none of us regret or would have changed taking him into our rescue.  At least he had 30 days of a lot of love." We agree and appreciate the important and meaningful effort DRTB and his foster home made.

As he arrived at his foster home