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Chocolate lab mix Gianna
How we helped: 
Medical Expense Grant

Sweet 11-year-old Gianna arrived at Peak Lab Rescue (North Carolina) this past spring with a skin infection, scarring on her head and ears, and an old injury to her left pelvis that resulted in a slight limp. This silly lady is missing all of her upper incisors and has an adorable underbite. At only 31 pounds, it was clear Gianna needed some TLC, so Peak Lab found a foster mom, Lindsey, who was up to the task. Lindsey said, "She's about as sweet as they come. Hasn't stopped wagging her tail!" Gianna clearly knew she was in good hands.

Gianna was actually in relatively good health, with her senior-specific bloodwork--made possible by a Grey Muzzle grant--only revealing she has hypothyroidism, which can be managed with twice daily medication for the rest of her life. After her medical tune-up, the search was on for an adopter committed to Gianna’s care throughout her golden years.

It took about ten weeks in foster care, but then, the search was over. Gianna’s new forever mom lost her senior Lab a few months before and said the minute she saw Gianna’s picture, she started crying and knew Gianna would help fill the hole she's had in her heart. Best of all, Gianna’s new mom is in Vet school and will be able to give Ms. G the very best care! Adoption day came with tears all around. Lindsey said, "I'm going to miss that snaggletooth grin more than I can put into words. But it was absolutely worth it."

Happy tails, Gianna!

Gianna and new mom